Destiny 2 DLC release date COMING SOON: Fallen Warmind Bungie update due to drop this weekBUNGIE

Destiny 2 DLC release date COMING SOON: Fallen Warmind Bungie update due to drop this week

Destiny 2's second set of DLC is an important one for developer Bungie: it needs to win back a lot of players if it is to revive the community that once supported the game.

There's a lot of anticipation about this next set of downloadable content - for many, it could be the final straw in never returning to the franchise. If it's a weak or unsatisfying offering, many players that are already on the fringes of abandoning the planned 10-year long game might never return.

So the release date of the game's DLC 2 is pretty important. 

As it happens, we might get an update on that pretty soon.

Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague said on Twitter that there will be an update to the Destiny 2 development roadmap this week, and as part of that, we're expecting a hint at when we can see DLC 2 launch.

Following this, community manager dmg04 tweeted, “Just realized what time it is. Early start tomorrow…” - a surefire nod to more information coming soon.

Expect a big update later this evening / early tomorrow.

Last week, the French version of the Bungie website suggested when we could see more information about the game's next big content drop going live.

The website appears to have listed that the next DLC's title has changed from its originally speculated title of 'Gods of Mars' to 'The Fallen Warmind', adding further weight to the theory this DLC pack will focus on Rasputin and a mysterious threat from beyond the Solar System.

YouTuber, Mesa Sean, has reported evidence that the release date for the next Destiny 2 DLC will be May 8.

You can see his video below our gallery, but the gist of it is this: the Youtuber has been contacted by someone that claims to have seen the French version of the 'This Week at Bungie' update, which has a statement announcing 'the next step' for the game will drop on May 8.

“We are far from having reached the final version [of Destiny 2]," the leaked updated reads. "Many changes are planned for Destiny 2. This is just another step. The next is scheduled for May 8th.”

Whether this means the actual DLC will release on this date, or maybe that this is only when we'll see more of it, remains to be seen. We're due something big for Destiny 2 soon, however.

It was previously believed that the next Destiny 2 DLC was called God of Mars. However, in early March both Amazon and Gamestop were shown to have listings for an entirely new Destiny 2 product.

The title showing on systems was named Destiny 2 – Expansion 2: The Fallen Warmind.

This DLC, leaked to Reddit, was reported to have a $19.99 price tag, which makes sense and would tally with the usual price of the previous Destiny 2 DLC, Rise of Osiris.

However, on top of this, the Amazon listing also suggested a May 8, 2018 release date for the expansion.

Which would certainly fall into the time of year we suspected the new DLC content would arrive.

As you might imagine though, Activision and Bungie are both keeping tightlipped and we doubt either will address the rumours until an official announcement is made.

That being said, the fact that the DLC is starting to pop up on retailers could suggest an announcement is imminent. 

You can read more about what we know about the DLC so far here.

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