EA Play 2018

EA Play 2018 – Live updates from first event of E3 2018

– UPDATE ONE: EA Play has just kicked off and the E3 2018 event will showcase Anthem, Battlefield 5 and FIFA 19.

Two new indie games will also be debuted during EA Play 2018.

To start things off EA revealed more on the Battlefield 5 multiplayer, with DICE’s Oskar Gabrielson and Lars Gustavsson taking to the stage.

They said it was the “deepest” Battlefield ever, highlighting the destructible environments in the WW2 shooter.

DICE revealed there will be no loot boxes or premium passes.

But most importantly they revealed there WILL be a Battle Royale mode coming to Battlefield 5.

More information on it will be revealed later in the year.

ORIGINAL: EA Play 2018 is about to kickstart E3 2018 with news expected to be announced on FIFA 19, Battlefield 5 and Anthem.

For the third year in a row EA will be holding their own special event away from the E3 official show floor.

Starting bright and early means all eyes of the gaming world are on EA for a whole day as E3 2018 festivities get underway.

Last year at EA Play the California-based gaming giant revealed sequels to their staple franchises.

So new versions of FIFA, Madden and Need for Speed were all announced, but there was also a few surprises.

The biggest of which was arguably A Way Out, the prison co-op game made by Brothers director Josef Fares.

And fans will be hoping that, alongside FIFA 19 and Madden 19, EA Play 2018 springs a few surprise announcements.

One game that could get a reveal during EA Play 2018 is a new Star Wars title.

EA have handed over the Star Wars game that Amy Hennig, the ex-Uncharted writer, and Dead Space developer Visceral were working on.

EA hasn’t announced anything more on it since closing down Visceral last October and revealing that the project would be significantly changed.

Another surprise announcement EA could be saving for EA Play 2018 is the reveal of the much rumoured Battlefield 5 Battle Royale mode.

If you’re wondering how to tune into EA Play 2018, then here’s how you can live stream it.

While in this story Express.co.uk will also be giving regular updates on the event.


EA Play 2018 will start at 7pm BST on Saturday June 9 2018.

For other time zones the start time is 2pm eastern time, 11am pacific and 8pm CEST.

If you want to watch a live stream of EA Play 2018 then head over to EA’s official YouTube channel.

You can watch the EA Play 2018 live stream by clicking here.

It will also be worth keeping an eye out on the official EA Facebook and Twitter accounts.

And Express.co.uk will also be bringing you all the big news from EA Play 2018 as and when it breaks.


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