A TERRIFYING earthquake in Alaska, the threat of a major tsunami and multiple volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Ring of Fire sparked fears that the end of the world is finally at hand. But is the apocalypse actually happening?

But the answer to why so many natural disasters have happened in such a concentrated area is much simpler and based on actual, credible scientific findings.

From Indonesia, to Japan, to Hawaii and Alaska, the entire region sits in what is known as the Pacific Ring of Fire – an extremely volatile chain of active volcanoes, tectonic plates and earthquake zones.

Researchers at Oregon State University have said that most of the world’s earthquakes happen in this region because it contains most of Earth’s subduction zones. Subduction is the process in which one tectonic plate moves over the other.

Tectonic plates only move by a few centimetres per year, but when an earthquake strikes, they can shift several metres per second. This gives rise to tremors and the free flow of magma trapped underground.

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