Martin Selmayr was yesterday told to apologise for sending a gloating tweet

Within two minutes of the referee blowing the final whistle, the Secretary General of the European Commission posted a string of football emojis and EU flags on Twitter.

British MEP Steven Woolfe told it was “classless and without respect for the feelings of the English football team”.

He added: “Martin Selmayr is one of the most powerful persons in the EU. He should apologise.”

Tim Farron, former leader of the Lib Dems, tweeted: “Graceless. I’m pro-EU, but sometimes you wazzocks make it hard to be so.”


Martin Selmayr’s tweet

Other Twitter users told Mr Selmayr to take note of England manager Gareth Southgate’s “graciousness and magnanimity”.

But allies said Mr Selmayr posted a similar tweet when Croatia knocked out Russia in the quarter-final, meaning all four teams left were EU nations.

The German-Belgian official is former chief of staff to Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and has been branded Britain’s “Brexit nemesis”.

Last October he denied leaking damaging details of a meeting between Mr Juncker and Theresa May.

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