Fortnite Skins LEAKED: Update 3.5 patch uncovers Battle Royale cosmetics from Epic GamesEPIC/TwoEpicBuddies

Fortnite Skins LEAKED: Update 3.5 patch uncovers Battle Royale cosmetics from Epic Games

Epic Games have this morning released a brand new update to the game. And after the release of the 3.5 patch notes, fans of the game started digging into the games new code.

As expected, dataminers did their usual thing and scanned the new update for some of those secret files hidden by the Fortnite development team.

And the good news is that they've found plenty of goodies.

There are new upcoming cosmetics, including new skins, harvesting tools, gliders and back bling.

This includes four new skins, three axes, four gliders and three new pieces of back bling.

These new details were found by TwoEpicBuddies originally who posted the new items to Twitter.

With the update going live today, it's not clear when these new items could go live in the game, but it's likely coming in the next few weeks.

evealing some new upcoming cosmetics including outfits, harvesting tools and more. Here’s the image they posted showing what we should expect in the coming weeks:

News of these new skins come, as mentioned, after the release of the games new Fortnite 3.5 Update.

New Fortnite 3.5 Patch Notes have also been revealed, but the real talking point is the re-introduction of the games updated Fortnite 50v50 Limited Time Mode.

On top of this, there's also Port-a-Fort grenade for Battle Royale players, which epic describes as:

"A portable fort… it's Port-a-Fort! Fortify yourself in seconds, all with the flick of a wrist."

Those are just small pieces of today's update though because the big centrepiece is the introduction of Battle Royale Replay, the games cinematic settings first unveiled at GDC.

"With a suite of cinematic settingsyou can now capture your most memorable moments, highlights and cinematics. We can’t wait to see what you create. You have an opportunity to win phenomenal prizes with the Replay system… very soon."

If you're interested specifically in the new 50v50 limited time mode and want to know what has changed.

Don't worry, you've come to the right place.

You can read the full patch notes for the games new mode just below:


  • Two teams of 50 fight to the finish!
    • Due to this being a “large squad” mode, Profile Stats will not be tracked. Daily & Weekly challenges will still work, with the exception of the Squad-based challenges (‘Place Top 6 in Squads’, etc.).
  • Storm & Map
    • Each team has a bus, approaching the island from opposite directions. On the map, the friendly bus has a blue outline, enemy has red.
    • Final storm circle visible on minimap at start.
    • Players have 10 minutes to loot the map as the storm closes in on the circle, then 5 minutes to fight, and another 5 minutes as the storm shrinks to the end.
    • Supply drops come in batches of 3-6, fall every two minutes, and only land in the final storm circle.
    • Added dotted line to map, which indicates the "battle lines" between the two teams. Crossing the line will make running into enemies more likely.
  • Loot
    • Farming resources increased 75% over default.
    • Increased floor loot spawn likelihood by 15%.
    • Floor Loot spawns double ammo.
    • Ammo boxes spawn triple ammo.
    • Chests spawn double ammo & consumables.
    • Supply drops spawn double ammo, and an extra consumable, resource drop and trap.
  • Bug Fixes + Mode Improvements
    • Fixed a bug that created uneven teams where one side could have more than 50 players.
    • Downed players lose health more quickly than normal (10 health per tick).

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