God of War PS4 Release Date Prices: Buy from Amazon, Tesco, GAME, PlayStation and MORESONY

God of War PS4 Release Date Prices: Buy from Amazon, Tesco, GAME, PlayStation and MORE

God of War is due out later this week.

The PS4 game is already available to purchase digitally via the PlayStation Store (and you can preload it, too). You can read up everything you need to know about that here.

But if you'd rather own the game physically, there are a series of options open to you - albeit, with one significant slot missing.

It seems Amazon has ceased stocking PS4 titles physically on its stores. There has been no official comment from the retailer or the publisher on why this is, but it seems the likes of God o War and Detroit: Become Human are unavailable on the online storefront. 

Instead, users have been flocking to other places to ensure they get a copy of one of the most exciting games releasing this year on the day it ships.

You can see our guide below to check out where the best place to buy the most exciting game of the year so far will be. 

You can pick up God of War PS4 at the following places for the following prices:

• God of War 4 / GAME / £47.99 - BUY HERE
• God of War 4 / Argos / £47.99 - BUY HERE
• God of War 4 / Tesco Direct / £46.00 - BUY HERE

The game can also be purchased digitally from the PlayStation Store here:

• God of War 4 / PSN / £52.00 - BUY HERE

It's worth noting that if you pick up a digital version of the game via PSN, you can also get a series of avatars for your account as part of the pre-order bonuses.

God of War PS4 is currently the highest rated PS4 exclusive of all time with a Metacritic score of 95 from 86 reviewers. That's pretty impressive.

Daily Star Online's own James Wright had nothing but praise for the game, stating it is "unquestionably the greatest PS4 game to date."

"In fact, it might just be one of the greatest games of the current console generation. It shares such refined air with the likes of the Nintendo Switch's Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild release and only a handful more titles.

"From a pure PS4 standpoint, is it better than Uncharted 4? Undoubtedly. What about Horizon: Zero Dawn? You bet! In truth, Cory Barlog and the team have likely set a new bar for Sony PlayStation to strive for with future releases."

You can read more of James' glowing review here.


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