Hawaii volcano eruption

Hawaii’s tourism bureau is still allowing tourists to visit

Chasten Young from Grand Rapids in Michigan declared he cancelled a getaway to the popular tourist hub next month with his grandmother over fears the island’s horror is set to continue.

He said: “My grandmother, she sacrifices everything in the world for her family.”

Mr Young revealed he put the brakes on his plans on Tuesday – his mother had been monitoring the state of travel conditions since the trip was booked in October.

He went on: “She’s been watching it.

“She’s still sending me updates to this day.”

But he said ticket prices have plummeted since eruptions struck the island and stated he “could’ve bought two” tickets for the price of one during the period of volcano fears, showcasing the tourism crash.

He went on: “The ticket prices that they have now, I could’ve bought two of them.”

Christian Allen, from a travel agency in Grand Rapids, hinted the volcano eruptions could allow tourists to secure cheap tickets.

He insisted the price plunge may not last for long.

Mr Allen commented: “‘Travel,’ ‘Hawaii,’ and ‘cheap’ never go together.

“It’s one of the biggest traveling destinations in the world, but you might be able to pick up some good fares because of this.”

Despite the period of horrifying natural disaster plaguing the island, Hawaii’s tourism bureau is still allowing tourists to visit.

Plume activity was reported to be less strong on the Big Island on Wednesday when compared to previous days, suggesting the frightening period for residents on the island could be nearing its end.

Mike Poland, a geophysicist from the United States Geological Survey USGS explained the amount of ash in the plume has decreased directly above Kilauea.

Hawaii volcano eruption

Mr Young revealed he put the brakes on his plans on Tuesday

Hawaii volcano eruption

Hawaii’s slew of natural disasters has sent its tourism industry crashing

He stated: “There is very little wind at the summit.

“The plume, it’s not nearly as ashy as it was yesterday, and it’s rising more or less vertically over the summit region.

“Things seem to be progressing largely as they have been, except for a shift in wind and less ash.”

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