Marin Cilic, the No 3 seed, crashed out of Wimbledon in five sets

Marin Cilic, the No 3 seed, crashed out of Wimbledon in five sets

Cilic sacrificed a two-set lead as the Argentinian battled back to take a 3-6, 1-6, 6-4, 7-6, 7-5 victory.

The pair had returned for one game on Wednesday evening in which the Croatian’s serve was broken and the rain returned immediately afterwards, taking them off again after Cilic slipped on the final point of the day.

The break proved crucial to the result as Pella roared back on No 1 Court on Thursday to take the victory, but Cilic insisted he had been a willing part of the decision to re-take the court for just one game.

“We were waiting over there, just behind the court. When we came back, it was not raining,” Cilic said.

“When we warmed up, it started to rain again. The court was not as dry. We were talking with the referees.

“They said if we want to keep on, just to try to see how it goes, we can.

“We decided, both of us, to give it a try.

“But the court was still quite slippery. It was just a little bit unfortunate to finish the day like that.”

He added: “It was a little bit unfortunate to stop last night when I was break down. And also when we came back the court was also very slippery. I lost there my serve.

“Today obviously he won that third set. In the fourth, I just was struggling a little bit to find the rhythm off the ground. I was missing some balls.

“We exchanged two breaks during the set. I had even a mini break in the tiebreak, 2-Love, lost it.

“Third set had a couple breakpoints in the beginning at 2-All, but just didn’t feel so good. I was not as accurate as yesterday. I was just missing some balls, giving him chance to keep playing.”

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