Football and drinking alcohol often go hand-in-hand, with a trip down the pub before kick-off an important part of any matchday routine for certain fans.

However, some obviously enjoy a pint or two more than their rivals based on new research carried out by

The study analyses the lifestyle habits of 2,400 UK football fans with the aim of finding out which supporters drink and smoke most.

The participants, who were evenly represented across the 20 Premier League teams, were asked how many units of alcohol they drink on average in a typical week.

The results are quite staggering with results ranging from four units up to 43, but where does your team rank compared to their top-flight rivals?

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that and Liverpool were the two groups of fans who smoked most, with 51 per cent and 47 per cent respectively saying they did.

Take a look through the gallery above to see how the Premier League table would look based on amount of alcohol consumed by fans on average during a week.

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