PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds received a big update for the early this morning, fixing several major issues with the popular online shooter. 

PUBG developers Bluehole INC confirmed the game was taken of the servers for more than six hours as the update was pushed through. 

The team were attempting to fix a major bug that could regularly crash the game. 

Despite the latest update stopping players logging in to the game for serval hours, PUBG Corporation said they will be implementing another update very soon to fix further issues with the game. 

PUBG is one of the biggest global games at the moment, competing for the top spot in the Battle Royale genre with Fortnite. 

What is the new PUBG Xbox One update? 

PUBG has had a persistent issue with the inventory screen that left some gamers frustrated with constant crashes and disconnects. 

Players using the inventory screen would often see their game crash mid-round so the developers have decided to temporarily remove the 3D model of the character on screen until a fix can be put in place. 

PUBG Corporation said: “The 3D character render in the inventory screen has been temporarily removed, as this was causing crashes.

“In our testing, after this change, crashes have decreased significantly on the Xbox One X, with S and OG having seen an overall decrease in crashes as well. 

“Once we’ve fixed this issue with the 3D character render, it will be added back into the game with an option to turn it on/off via the settings.“

PUBG Xbox One update - When is next Battlegrounds patch? What's in new console update?

PUBG Xbox One update – When is next Battlegrounds patch? What’s in new console update?

Alongside this fix, PUBG developers have implemented new ‘anti-cheat’ mechanisms in the game to clamp-down on rampant cheating in the game. 

Patch notes say that the first game launch after this update will have a new security mode automatically enabled so that the game debs can collect as much data as possible on who is cheating and how. 

PUBG players have long suffered cheaters in-game who can ruin the experience of a round instantly. 

The update will also stop a persistent issue where character models would be invisible in match replays and death cams.

PUBG have also included several performance upgrades to the game, optimising character movement logic for a small boost in frames during gameplay. 

PUBG performance issues have now been improved

PUBG performance issues have now been improved

The issue was with the PUBG Inventory screen

The issue was with the PUBG Inventory screen

When will the next PUBG update be? 

Even though this most recent update took servers offline for several hours, PUBG Corporation has said that they all be rolling out another update in the coming weeks.

The current fixes are just one step to solve a larger in the game that regularly crashes for gamers. 

The latest fix on the inventory screen character model is only part of the problem, with several game-crashing bugs frustrating players enough to make them put the game down. 

PUBG developers have said that another update will be rolled out on June 6 to improve several performance and graphical issues on top of this week’s update. 


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