Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal was unimpressed by the umpire’s decision to penalise him

Nadal had in fact been given a time violation before the match even start after apparently turning up late.

But the Spaniard was handed a second one after taking the second set when his change of clothes took longer than his allotted time.

“That’s normal. I was slow at that moment,” Nadal said.

“I know I had to take the wristband, T-shirt, banana out, change everything.

“Probably I should go to toilet. If I go to the toilet, I had plenty of time to change everything without the time violation.

“I decided to stay on the chair. I was slow enough to receive a time violation. I accepted. That’s all.

“I think I was very quick during the match.

“Between sets I needed that time to change all these stuff because was a very humid day, that’s all.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal was frustrated by the umpire’s insistence on the time violation

“He could avoid, but he decided to make it, and I accept because I was slow.”

It is not the first time Nadal and Bernardes have found themselves at odds and three years ago, the Spaniard even made a request for the umpire not to be allocated to his matches.

But the world No 1 denied that this was anything to do with the specific official, although he did admit he would rather someone else was in the chair.

“No problem with the umpire. I am nobody to say, I don’t want him on my court,” Nadal added.

“I just can ask if I believe that somebody’s not doing the things fair with me or was not respectful for me, I just can ask if is possible to have another umpire.

“I can’t say, I don’t want this umpire. I say, If is possible, I prefer another umpire on my court.”

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