PS4 servers are down with PSN users facing gaming issues tonight

PS4 servers are down with PSN users facing gaming issues tonight

PSN servers are down for some users tonight, following an earlier disruption this week.

PS4 gamers are reporting issues using core social and gaming services, some of which appear tied to download speeds as well.

“There are still some issues with PSN my downloads are becoming slow when they shouldn’t be plus the party issues,” a message from one PS4 owner reads.

“It’s like PSN is having a power surge or something.”

There’s currently no information listed on the official PSN status site, although this will soon change if problems persist.

It’s currently unclear what is causing tonight’s disruption of social and gaming services, or how long it could last.

No ETA has been provided on tonight’s issues, although the good news is that long outages for the majority of users have become less frequent.

Sony usually updates their status page within 15 minutes of a big outage, with everything currently listed as working normally.

This could change in the near future, so it will be worth keeping an eye on the official Sony and PlayStation channels.

Some PS4 users also experienced a short outage yesterday night, which left many unable to sign into their PSN accounts.

However, tonight’s problems appear to be different and appear to be more widespread.

Sites that track outages on popular sites currently show reports of the PSN outage growing, rather than dropping off.



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